Trees must be replaced


It is very important that trees be replaced when they are cut down, and many companies replace the trees they cut by planting three smaller ones. Most are sensitive to the point that we can’t cut them all down and just hope that it will have no effect on our environment. Growing trees is something that many do, but I have found that it is not as easy as it might seem to be. They are often hardy plants, but it would appear that my lack of green thumb extends to trees.

I never really thought much about growing trees. I live in the middle of town, and I have a few very large ones in my yard. My landlord threatens to cut them down, but so far she has not done so. Last spring my daughter and I were outside and there was a baby maple tree growing. The lawn had yet to be mowed for the first time, so it had had some times to grow.

My favorite tree is the Oak. I also love Palm trees.

Anyone who wants to try growing trees might have more success than I did, but the best bet might be to go to a nursery to get trees that are well on their way. Trees are important to our environment, and they make any lawn or garden a nice place to be. They don’t offer much in the way of shade when they are young, but the will grow to be quite beautiful. Some day when I own my own property I will try growing trees again, but I think I’ll get them from the nursery, just to be sure they have a better chance of making it.